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'Out of the Tub' is a documentary about the Ceramist and Educator RJ Washington.


The film includes new commissioned interviews, as well as archive material.


Making 'Out of the Tub' has been immensely rewarding. Particular highlights were interviews with Prof. Martin Smith, Head of Programme Ceramics & Glass, RCA and Alun Graves, Curator of Ceramics and Glass Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum






Maurice Blik is an internationally renowned sculptor.


A former President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, a teacher and survivor of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, his is a remarkable story.


Throughtout 2015 we followed Maurice, documenting him in the studio, interviewing art critics and his peers, as well as family members.


We have a powerful documentary

in the making, a film which will shed

light on the work of this inspirational



'Hollow Dog' is due for release this


''The Gift' was produced for local therapist Bunty Dann. Shot over two days, the film makes use of locations, local to Bunty's business and community.



Hollow Dog


The story of Sculptor Maurice Blik


Wilcko's Pop Promos


On location with Wilcko and Erkan Mustafa (AKA: Rowland, from Grange Hill and DJ).


Wilcko is a powehouse of music and ideas. When he approached me to shoot his new music videos he had a very good idea of what he wanted

to achieve. The videos were shot on location in the West End and Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


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Sculpt Gallery

Promo Video


This promotional video was shot at Sculpt Gallery, in Tiptree, Essex.


Client: Sculpt Gallery

Title: 'Red'

Format: HDV

Duration: 1 min 5 seconds

Produced by: Ya Media


Works featured include:  Peter Fitzgerald /

Peter Hayes / Maurice Blik / Janette Lazelle / Sheila Madder / Robert Mowle  / Carol Pask / Roland Piche  / Patricia Volk / R.J. Washington

Barry Woodcraft


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Video and Film Production

IMDb still2 mauricetop

Clive and Sir Peter Michael in discussion


'At First Light', Newbury


Sports Academy

Promo Video


Client: EGHA Hockey Academy

Format: HDV

Duration: 2 min 43 seconds

Produced by: Ya Media

A Day At Kingscote




Format: HDV

Duration: 2 min 42 seconds

Produced by: Ya Media






'The Gift'


Bunty Dann HG.Dip.P


'Working with Clive at Ya Media has not only been an absolute joy and a very productive experience, it has given life to the message that I wanted to convey. Clive has given me high quality results, feedback from clients has been very positive and I have a film that I can use in all online formats and in face to face presentations. Clive has been a creative, focused, professional, and also great fun to work with.


From initially coming up with a variety of options that helped me to see the possibilities, then helping to refine these, giving me sound advice on making the filming work on the day to providing the end results Clive has been generous and thoughtful both with his time and attitude.'

In recent years, we've been involved in a range of interesting and varied projects and have worked with a wonderful array of businesses and individuals

including several artists.


Our latest release is 'Out of the Tub' can now be viewed on Vimeo.



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The Gift

The world famous 'Flying Scotsman' visited us. Here's a short film made to celebrate this very special event.



This summer saw the unveiling of the much anticipate Memorial to the Evacuation. I was commissioned to film the occasion and produce a DVD for The British Evacuees Association.


This summer's extraordinary weather prompted this short mood piece. Shot in 4K.








Logo design, animation and music/sound by Ya Media.

RAWnCHi Deserts - A promo made by Clive Martin and Diego Barraza of SaGuarda Studios.