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A meeting at an Art gallery in Essex, England, between the sculptor Maurice Blik and filmmaker Clive A Martin, would see the start of an 18 month project. It would culminate in the feature length documentary 'Hollow Dog'.

Post Production and Score


We wanted the film to have a contemporary feel, something which takes the audience in new and unexpected directions. The 'Hollow Dog' soundtrack was written for the film by Silver Honey / Artic Melvin and makes use of melodies and musical arrangements in ways you

wouldn't expect.


'We made use of cymbals, singing bowls, as well as more conventional instruments. It's important to give the viewer space to draw

their own conclusion, to have ownernship of the cinematic experience.' - Silver Honey


'We met by chance in the car park of the gallery. I think Maurice had clay on his hands. I ask him if we could use his hands for a film we were making about a ceramist. Maurice agreed. He seemed to know a lot about clay and about art. I sensed there was a story here - I didn't realize how powerful and important it was. ' - C.A. Martin

C.A Martin interviews Sir Peter Michael


Over the next year we interviewed many of Maurice's friends, family, as well as art critics who were able to shed light on Maurice and his story. One particular highlight was interviewing Maurice and his sister Clara as they recalled being liberated by Russian Cossacks in the Spring of 1945. And of course, the journey to Scotland to interview sculptor Andy Scott was fascinating. Being a sculptor, Andy was able to to discuss Maurice's work from an Artist's perspective. And then there was Roland Piche - an Artist who has know Maurice since Art School Days.


On location - The Kelpies, by Andy Scott


Debra and Maurice Blik and Dennis Mannina

2016-06-22 10.48.42 mauricetop

Maurice on the roof of City Hall, London.

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Cast and Crew Screening


We've just had our cast and crew screening at London's prestigious Prince Charles Cinema (see below). Now 'Hollow Dog' is off to the festivals, with our first screening due at the San Diego Jewish Film Festival in February.

Executive Producers and KickStarter


Throughout the project our Executive Producers Robert Bowman,  Peter Martin and Magnus Mildwater were immensely

helpful. As were all our KickStarters. All these people helped make 'Hollow Dog' possible through their generous funding.

Thank you!

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