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'Vividly creepy... keeps the reader nicely on edge.

Martin is a skilful wordsmith.' (Pen Press)


A Runaway. A dying star.

A doorway to another world.          


Her love for the stars is absolute. Now they are dying.


When Iris stumbles across a secret world populated by cats, she soon discovers only she has the key to saving the stars.


Gavin Preebot is bent on revenge. The cat hating ex-con is on the rampage and won’t rest until he finds his way back to a place he can’t forget.


It’s a race against time as Iris and her sidekick, Alphard, search for an answer to the mystery and save the world from eternal darkness.


With action and adventure, this is a story to intrigue and enthrall young readers.

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 'Iris was very enjoyable to read. It kept me entertained... an interesting plot. I read many things that I didn’t expect. I especially enjoyed the mix between reality and fantasy. The setting was original and unique, which pulled me in.


I was very intrigued by it... the time setting was modern. I was especially impressed by C.A.'s ability to describe objects and backgrounds in depth…. a strong plot and detail. Most of all, it is extremely original. A great achievement.' - Costantino, aged 15


'My 8 and 11 year old loved the book. A challenging read... A page turner that kept us enthralled all summer. I would highly recommend Iris.'

- J.Bennet, parent


Title: Iris / The Stacity Mystery

Author: C.A. Martin

Format: Paperback Novel

Audience: Children 8 to 12 years old

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure

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'Your book is a great mix of thrill and adventure and as the story builds on, I am amazed at how well you got me to read on. You got me to stay up till 11pm because of how hard it was for me to put down the book. Three words: Thrilling,Gripping and Hilarious.P.S. I tried out your tips on writing and they really help!' - Nav


'I really enjoyed it!' - Poppy, aged 11


I read Iris with great enthusiasm and found the story line utterly spellbinding. Not only does the main heroine have my name but also the same adventurer spirit which made it a very personal read. And I loved the ideas of having the cats as our stars. All in all a wonderful read not only for teenagers, and an exciting page-turner. Now waiting for the movie. - Iris B