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Welcome to Ya Media.


Ya Media is a one-man band, me, a film maker, writer, composer, musician, photographer and designer. I have a lot of fun, but don't make much money.


My most recent endeavour has just completed it's first round of funding on KickStarter. 'Hollow Dog' is a proposed documentary about Maurice Blik PPRBS FRSA, the highly respected and internationally acclaimed sculptor. The KickStarter campaign was unsucessful in this occasion and I'm now looking into alternative routes for funding this ambitious and important project.


On this website you'll also find some of the other projects I've been involved with.


Best regards

Clive Martin

Ya Media


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'Vividly creepy... keeps the reader nicely on edge.

                           Martin is a skilful wordsmith.'  (Pen Press)

A Runaway. A dying star. A doorway to another world.

The Children's Best Book 2013.

Her love for the stars is absolute.

Now they are dying.


When Iris stumbles across a secret world populated by cats, she soon discovers only she has the key to saving the stars.


Gavin Preebot is bent on revenge.

The cat hating ex-con is on the rampage and won’t rest until he finds his way back to a place he

can’t forget.


It’s a race against time as Iris and

her sidekick Alphard search for an answer to the mystery and save the world from eternal darkness.


With action and adventure, this is a story to intrigue and enthrall.

fake colour

'Cash Machine is incredibly dreamy. A great track.'


(Al Scott, Producer Bomb The Bass and The Mission)

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 'Iris was very enjoyable to read. It kept me entertained... an interesting plot.

I read many things that I didn’t expect. I especially enjoyed the mix between reality and fantasy. The setting was original and unique, which pulled me in.

I was very intrigued by it... the time setting was modern. I was especially impressed by C.A.'s ability to describe objects and backgrounds in depth…. a strong plot and detail. Most of all, it is extremely original. A great achievement.' (Costantino, aged 15)


'My 8 and 11 year old loved the book. A challenging read... A page turner that kept us enthralled all summer. I would highly recommend Iris.'

(J.Bennet, parent)


'Your book is a great mix of thill and adventure and as the story builds on, I am amazed at how well you got me to read on. You got me to stay up till 11pm because of how hard it was for me to put down the book. Three words: Thrilling,Gripping and Hilarious.P.S. I tried out your tips on writing and they really help!'



'I really enjoyed it!'

(Poppy, aged 11)


I read Iris with great enthusiasm and found the story line utterly spellbinding. Not only has the main heroin my name but also the same adventurer spirit which made it a very personal read. And I loved the ideas of having the cats as our stars. All in all a wonderful read not only for teenagers, and an exciting page-turner. Now waiting for the movie.

(Iris B, grown-up)


Book Launch

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The video 'Let Us Down' was directed, filmed and edited by Simon

Corris of Amulet Films. Thank you Simon for your vision, planning,

and commitment. 10 /10.


The track 'Let Us Down' features on the album Fake Colour by Artic Melvin.

window yamusic KINDLE EDITION

Winner of BBC SCR Unsigned Demo Of The Week

sam artwork sm

A musical tale about Sam, a letter who gets lost in the post.


This soundtrack contains 9 songs based on the original story by Artic Melvin. Songs written and performed by A.M. Listen to a compilation here.


It's home movie time...

Click here for additional film and video credits.


'Let Us Down' was inspired by the story of Selinah, a victim of Aids. If you would like to know more about Selinah, please cick below.

Topsy Foundation Selinah Video soundcloud itunes two1

Clive hooked-up with the talents of Wilcko and Erkan Mustafa to produce this music video. 'Omsong' is a Ska classic for the modern age. Shot in London's West End.

Wilcko, Franky Fryer, new single, OMSONG, featuring Erkan Mustafa, AKA: 'Roland' of Grange Hill.

Wilcko and Erkan (Roland Browning) Mustafa

twoshot 'Let Us Down' on YouTube om 'Omsong' on YouTube rock1 rock2

Featuring Hal and Ruben, these are home movies with a twist. Turn up, relax and enjoy.

Rocket Dreams 1 Rocket Dreams 2

Why not make your own Rocket Dream...

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Born in Amsterdam in 1939, by the age of four Maurice Blik was face to face with the questions and choices that philosophers, artists and religions have left unanswered.


Maurice Blik has lived in England since being liberated from Bergen Belsen, where he was taken as a small child from his birthplace, Amsterdam. The ability to come to terms with this experience and to confront the face of humanity that he had witnessed, stayed silent in his life for some forty years. It finally found a voice in the passionate and exquisite sculpture which began to emerge in the late 1980s when he created a series of horses' heads. These noble and benevolent creatures posses an energy and a life force that seem just barely harnessed long enough to take their shape in the clay itself. Later he progressed to more figurative work in which the irrepressible joy of life and the destructive, inpenetrable shadow of existence, are held together in a struggling unity.


Maurice Blik has had an extensive career in Art Education, teaching at all levels from Primary to Post Graduate. In the 1980s he began to develop his own artwork and in 1991 gave up teaching to work full time on sculpture. He has a post-graduate Art Teacher's Certificate with Distinction from London University. In 1996 he was elected President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Maurice Blik works in the UK and USA where he was awarded residency by the US Government as 'a person of extraordinary artistic ability'.




1960 National Diploma (Sculpture) (NDD) Hornsey College of Art; 1969Art Teachers Certificate (ATC) University of London 1992; Elected Fellow (FRBS) Royal Society of British Sculptors; 1996 Elected President (PRBS) Royal Society of British Sculptors; 1997Elected Fellow (FRSA) of the Royal Society of Arts.




1960-1964 Art Teacher Secondary Schools; 1964-1968 Lecturer Further Education Colleges; 1969-1980 Lecturer in Art Education Hornsey College of Art and Design; 1980-1991 Lecturer/Course Leader Visual Art Middlesex Polytechnic/University.




2014 - Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong (with Bowman Sculpture)

2014 - Open Studio, Sculpt Gallery, Essex, UK

2013 - Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong (with Bowman Sculpture).

2013 - 'Kiss' Gallery Different, London, UK

2012 - 'Into the Light' Solo show, Sculpt Gallery, Essex, UK

2010 - 'Masterpiece London' (with Bowman Sculpture)

2008 - Royal Society of British Sculptors - Solo Exhibition and artists talk, London, UK

2007/8 - Hannah Peschar Sculpture Park, Surrey UK

2006 - Chambers Gallery - Solo Exhibition London, UK

1999 - Blain's Fine Art (now Haunch of Venison) - Solo Exhibition London, UK

1998/7 - Pier Walk Sculpture - Invited Artist Chicago, USA

1998 - Hiscox Art Café, London, UK

1998 - Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park- Invited Artist, Chicago, USA

1998 - National Trust Open Air Sculpture Exhibition UK - Invited Artist

1998 - Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London UK - Invited Artist; also 1997, 1993, and 1991

1996 - Museum Masters Collection, Manhattan, New York

'95-2011 - Irving Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

1994 - World Art Forum, Davos, Switzerland

1993 - Chelsea Harbour 93 Sculpture, UK - Invited Artist

1992 - Herbert Read Gallery - Invited Artist Canterbury, UK

1989 - Cavalier Gallery Greenwich & Connecticut, USA

1988 - Air Gallery Critics Choice selected by Mary Rose Beaumont, UK

1985 - Alwin Gallery - Solo Exhibition, London, UK




2012 - 'Modern Medals Collection' The Goldsmiths Company, London, UK

2011 - UK Chandler Hospital, University of Kentucky, USA

2010 - "Children in War Memorial" (proposed public commission - ongoing)

2007 - "Evacuees' Memorial" Evacuees' Reunion Association, UK (proposed site The Arboretum, Staffs)

2006 - "About Face" P&O Developments Regent Quarter, King's Cross, London, UK

2005 - Splishsplash Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA

2004 - "Inspired Encounter" Glaxo Smith Kline European HQ, London, UK

2003 - Slave Worker's Memorial Jersey Heritage Museum, Jersey, C.I

2000 - "Behold" Middlesex University, London, UK

1999 - "Pursuit of Knowledge" JP Morgan Investment Bank, London, UK

1998 - Art and Work Award Trophy  Flemings Bank, Scotland, UK

1998 - Emerging Man Private Commission Ham Manor, Wiltshire, UK

1997 - "At First Light" Sir Peter Michael, Donnington Valley, Newbury, UK

1997 - Early Morning Shadow Burmah-Castrol HQ, Swindon, UK

1996 - Jack Ashley Award All Party Disablement Group House of Commons, London UK

1995 - "Renaissance" East India Dock, Docklands, London UK

1993 - Communicator of the Year Award Royal National Institute for Deaf People, London, UK

'The National Memorial for Evacuee Children'

by Maurice Blik PPRBS FRSA